About Us


Kakini Enterprises, has its Corporate Office at New Delhi. It was established with one objective – "Profits with Purpose - an Empowered India"

Under the able leadership of Dr Aanchal , the company has embarked upon following ventures as they hold the key to emancipate the vast potential of the masses in this country, integrate them into the mainstream and propel them to contribute substantially towards national development. 

Defence Academy, IIT/AIEEE, PMT Preparations

I have firm belief that each one of us can contribute in our own way to wipe that tear off from each poor Indian which Gandhi dreamed of. We know that the rural India holds substantial prospects of providing quality manpower, which can be the catalyst for boosting productivity and growth. It is estimated that by year 2020, the rural population of India would have grown to 1.2 billion, and the secret of unleashing this dormant human potential lies in education. The Kakini Learning Annexe, has embarked upon a target to reach out to the large pool of children in rural India and provide them access to quality education, specifically to children from the strife torn regions of India. They will be inspired to dream big, instilled with passion to strive relentlessly, imparted with right counseling and infused with confidence to challenge the best. The emphasis are on developing an overall outstanding personality that will be leaders of emerging India in every sphere – politics, government and industry. We at Kakini are of the firm belief that humans are the key to any successful business enterprise, and Kakini Learning Annexe endeavours to translate words of Dr. Abdul Kalam in "The Ignited Minds" into reality.

Few years back the company selected children from the militant effected areas of Kashmir, quite few of them orphans , trained them , coached them , and gave them proper guidance .Today 80 percent them are in different engineering colleges and six of them in NITs, .

Skydive with Us 

There are countries whose economy is dependent on tourism and adventure. A common man is involved in adventure. Here in india , kakini's intention is to involve a common man in adventure activities to earn his livelihood and we are sure that in times to come , these businesses will be run by a common man. You will not be surprised if you see in near future a carpenter, or plumber or a painter running a successful sky diving camp.

India is blessed with geographically diverse terrain, which holds a promise for thrilling adventure for one and all. Be it a glacier or a frozen river traverse, extreme skiing or snowboarding, alpine summits, water sports of varying types and degree, sky diving / base jumping or simply nature trails, there is tremendous potential across India for every adventurist ranging from an exploring wanderer, a hardcore nature enthusiast or a raw adrenaline junkie. It is this very potential in terms of Adventure Tourism that Kakini Adventure will harness, to create local economies in remote locations of India that would benefit the local population. The Sagarmatha Co-operative in the Sagarmatha Bioreserve, Nepal is a vivid precedence of how Sherpas and even the Gorkha population of an otherwise poverty stricken nation have converted adventure into an opportunity. 

Kakini's future plan is to build up village economy and narrow the economical gap between villages and cities. kakini would like people to enjoy whatever work they do. Undeniably, wealth accumulation remains the chief objective of any business enterprise; but Kakini looks at wealth accumulation as an entirely new paradigm, where our deeds must result in tangible benefits to the very society in which our own children would one day step in. Therefore, Kakini Enterprise will incessantly aspire to identify business opportunities that would empower a common man.